Everyone is talking about the new Instapot and I am sure you too came here looking for Instant Pot review. Right?

But you are unable to decide which model and/or size is best for you. Read on to discover and find out why InstaPot is my most favorite and frequently used kitchen gadget. It can do a lot of things with a single push of a button that other pressure cookers simply can’t.

Important: Instant Pot released 2 new models in 2017. The DUO Plus and Ultra. Read on to find out more about the new cool features.

What is Instant Pot (aka Instapot)

Instant Pot Review DUOAs the name suggests, it is a pot that is built for fast and flexible cooking. Not only this but it is a multi-functional pressure cooker that will replace 8-10 other kitchen appliances as well, saving you time and money. If you’ve been scared of pressure cooking until now, this revolutionary product will change your mind and you’ll start using it even more than your smartphone (Just kidding). But trust me, it’s extremely safe and you will be confident using it.

InstaPot works as a slow cooker, rice cooker, egg cooker, Saute/Browning, Yogurt Maker, Cake maker, Steamer, Warmer and Sterilizer. With all these features, it is one of the best pressure cookers available on Amazon.

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Instant Pot Review (2019 Updated)

Instant Pot IP-DUO60 7 in 1 Electric Pressure Cooker reviewHere are few things that I personally consider before buying any kitchen appliances:

  • Ease of use
  • Safety standards (Very Important)
  • Budget

Surprisingly, InstaPot has all this and now is the time to grab this beautiful kitchen gadget. I have been an anti-cooker chef throughout my life. I used to have other cookers but I didn’t use them quite often because of the potential threats all cookers pose.  I had never heard of the InstaPot, but my sister raved about hers.  We are competitive, so you know I had to have one.  But which one right 🙂 I am glad I came across a useful review of Instant Pot, bought one and I use mine all the time.  My 20 something son even used it!  This has now become my most commonly used kitchen essential. I don’t only use it for cooking but I quite commonly use it for steaming, browning and making yogurt as well.

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Instant Pot pressure cooker comes in 3 sizes; 5 quart, 6 quart and 8 quart. I have the 6 quart one and it is perfect for my family of 3 people. If you have more than 4 people in your family or you like to cook in large quantity and then freeze, I would recommend you go for the 8 quart one.

Key Features

Before moving on to the models and detailed instant pot review, let’s take a look at key features:

  • 24 hrs Delay Start Timer
  • 3 ply stainless steel pot that is guaranteed to run safely and for a longer period
  • Multi-Functional Pressure Cooker
  • Easy to Use Control Panel
  • 3 Temperature settings for Saute and Slow Cooking
  • 14 built-in programs make it easy for beginners to use InstaPot. These include soup, meat/stew, yogurt, porridge, rice and much more.
  • Dual pressure and automatic keep-warm settings
  • Energy efficient; saves you on electricity bills
  • Extremely kitchen friendly with 10 built-in safety mechanisms; certified by UL and ULC

Here are some cool features that were introduced in the all new Instant Pot Ultra 2017 release:

  • Altitude adjustment for more precise cooking time. No guess work anymore.
  • Cake, Egg and Sterilize Controls
  • New Dial for Easier cooking program selection
  • Cooking process indicator for monitoring cooking states: Preheat, cook and keep warm
  • Steam release reset button to perform both continuous and pulse steam release manually
  • Smart programs remember your last customization, so you don’t have to memorize your recipes

Instant Pot Models

instapot DUO Plus instapot ultra
Pressure Cooker
Slow Cooker
Rice Cooker
Yogurt Maker
Egg Cooker
Cake Maker
Pressure Cooking Only High High/Low High/Low High/Low High/Low
Size 3,6,8 Qt. 3,6,8 Qt. 3,6,8 Qt. 3,6,8 Qt. 6 Qt.
Built-in Programs 10 13 15 16 14
Custom Programming
Cooking Progress Indicator
Altitude Adjustment
Note: You will be redirected to respective product pages on Amazon if you click any of the buttons above.

Which InstaPot Model is Best for Me

It totally depends on how much convenience you are looking for. You can keep your investment at minimum and go for the LUX or you can be extravagant and buy the Ultra or SMART.

But here is the real deal.

It all boils down to your needs. My personal favorite is DUO (Actually DUO Plus). DUO Plus is the newer release and has got some additional features like cake maker, sterilizer and built-in egg boil function. DUO Plus is the latest model of the #1 selling muli-cooker, Instant Pot DUO.

If you don’t want advanced features like Yogurt maker, Sterilizer, Cake Maker, etc., just stick to the LUX. You’ll save money and still get all the features you need.

If you are tech-savvy and want to have unlimited possibilities for cooking with InstaPot, go with the SMART.

If you are living in a high altitude, Instant Pot Ultra is best for you since it has a dedicated altitude adjustment control that eliminates guesswork and offers precise cooking time.

Which Size is Best for Me

It totally depends. But I would always advise to go for a bigger one, rather getting a small size and then regretting. Smaller needs would fix in the bigger size but bigger needs, unfortunately, won’t fix in the small size.

Just don’t think about the 5 Quart. size. Keep in mind the fill limit as well. If you go for 6 Quart, you can fill 3/4th of it. I personally like my 6 qt. size because we are a small family of 3 and I don’t like to batch cook. 6 Quart is also the most sold size on Amazon.

If you like to cook in large quantity, I would recommend you get the 8 Quart.

Why Should I Buy an Instant Pot

I don’t think if there is a reason not to buy this awesome pressure cooker after reading my Instant Pot review. Still, if you are confused, read below to find out what you get with this all-in-one multi-functional pressure cooker:

Ease of Use

InstaPot control panelInsta Pot is a life-saver. Everything is just one-push away. Want too cook rice? Push the button. Want to steam? Just one button.

Literally, any thing you want to do requires with single push of a button. The digital display makes it convenient to cook and tells you exactly how much time is left so you can roll your sleeves and get ready to eat. It also includes a detailed user manual which leaves no confusion in case you need help with a function.

High Safety Standards

InstaPot is carefully designed addressing all major potential threats. There is a safety lock that keeps lid from opening in case cooker gets pressurized, leaving no chance for cooker to burst and harm you. There is also a built-in pressure regulator that ensures that pressure stays within safety limit i.e. 15.23 psi. It has a leaky lid smart detection feature that checks for any steam leakage or tells if steam release is open. There is a magnetic sensor that ensures lid is positioned properly.

In any uncertain event, Excess Pressure Protection technology takes care of the excess pressure and sends it into internal chamber. In case electric current or pressure exceeds safety limits, the fuse cuts off power which eliminates the risk of a blast.

Healthy and Nutritious Food

Healthy FoodThe InstaPot is designed to make sure you consistently get delicious and nutritious food. Ordinary pressure cookers are unable to retain vitamins and minerals inside the food whereas Instant Pot retains the taste and nutrients due it’s micro processor controlled cooking cycles. Rest assured that InstaPot cooks food in a completely sealed environment keeping the original taste in the food.

Energy Efficient

Eco FriendlyThe manufacturers have tried their best to keep the product as environment-friendly as possible. It consumes up-to 70% less energy as compared to other kitchen appliances e.g. oven, steamer, etc. InstaPot cooks food in less time as compared to other pressure cookers and this is why it consumes less energy.

The automatic temperature control makes it more energy efficient by heating inner pot to a specific temperature only. Also, the sealed cooking environment means very less water is being used in cooking as compared to the amount of water you use in traditional cookers for steaming. This feature also adds to making the greenest pressure cooker available.

Here is an interesting video from the manufacturer explaining all the features of the Instant Pot:

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Common InstaPot Mistakes

Here are some common mistakes you should avoid when using your instapot:

Forgetting the Inner Pot

Call it a simple human error or just absent mindedness, but people tend to fill the pot with all the ingredients and just completely forget about the inner pot. This results in one damaged instapot and no food. Such mistakes can be avoided by always keeping the inner pot in line with the pot itself.  That is how I store mine, with the liner inside.   Just watch the posts in many of the facebook groups and this is very common.  Sad, sad day when this happens. 

Undermining the Seal

Because instant pots use pressure and steam to cook food, its important to seal the air before beginning with anything. If the rubber ring on the inside of the lid is not secured properly, the whole steam will seep out and your dinner will be as raw as a rock. Be sure to secure the rubber ring in the lid, and then begin with the cooking.

Not Letting the Pressure Build up

The instapot works better than ovens, cookers and stoves only when you let the pressure build up on its inside, on its own pace. But since most of us are in a hurry and we like to consider the prep-time as the total time for preparing the dish, this is where we disturb the pressure build up. Always add in an extra 10-15 minutes in the stated prep time, for in this time the pressure will build up and then the cooking process will begin.

Filling it to the Max

During the cooking process, ingredients tend to expand, especially when it involves pressure cooking. Inside the pot, there will be a maximum line marked, to let you know about the pot’s limit. The line should never be crossed. In fact, always keep the ingredients lower than that line, even during slow cooking. Ideally, filling only half of the pot will give your ingredients and steam that much needed space.

Moving in SLOW

The key to great cooking is in being attentive. Even when you are using intelligent gadgets like the instant pot in the kitchen, you need to be alert and keep taking actions. One of the biggest mistake that everyone is guilty of making, especially the newbies is not opening the value quickly. While taking the “Quick Release” action, most of us don’t revolve the valve quick enough and tend to over-cook food. The difference between perfectly tender vegetables and soggy ones lies in how quick you were in venting the steam.

Confusing Yourself with the Timer

The most easy to confuse feature on the instapot is the Timer button. While most of us set the timer and expect the instant pot to start running and cooking, it is however meant for the complete opposite purpose. Timer usually causes a delay in the cooking process, depending on the time you set on it. It can be applied on any program and will start the program after the set time has passed.

Too much/ Too little Liquid

Only experience can crack this Da Vinci Code. If there is not enough liquid, the instant pot won’t be able to generate steam and thus your food will be under-cooked. If there is too much liquid, it will take more time for the instpot to cook and chances are that you will ruin your dish. To deal with this, always start with leaving in one cup of liquid and increasing the amount only if its needed. But this is something that one learns over time and use.

Stovetop vs Instant Pot

Call it a habit or lack of consciousness, but some people mistakenly put their instant pots directly on the stove tops. This is one of the most common yet dangerous mistake people make simply because they weren’t paying attention. Always keep the instapot in one place and if it has to be placed on the stove, a wooden board should be used in between them to avoid any mishaps.

If ..when …you decide to go ahead  and buy, let me know in the comments which one did you get. I would love to hear your reviews about your Instant Pot.

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