Bone Broth


We have all been reading of the health benefits of bone broth. It is nutritious, anti aging, detoxing savory liquid. But how do we make it? Well it is a liquid in which bones have been simmered in. To make it at home on the stove top it can take 24 hours. Your instant pot can get the job done in 2 to 4 hours.

Here is the recipe :

Bones - 2 to 3 lbs. Save your chicken bones in the freezer until you get enough. If you are using beef, lamb or pork, then roast them for 30 minutes in the oven at 350F. Lay them out on a sheet pan, so they roast evenly.

Assorted veggies - Carrots, onions or celery. Use what you would use in a stock liquid.

2 TBLS Apple cidar vinegar . Love this stuff, but thats another post!   It helps draw the mineral out of the bones.


Add the first 3 items to your instant pot. (Be sure you have your liner in.) Cover the bones with water until about 2/3 full. Select manual high pressure for 120 minutes for chicken, and 240 minutes if you have beef bones. When the time is up, and the pot beeps, then wait for the pressure to release naturally. Let the liquid cool on the counter for an hour, then strain out any remaining bones. Refrigerate to easely remove the layer of fat.

Store in the fridge or freeze.  Use your bone broth in soups, gravies, or warm up a cup and drink every day for good health.  Enjoy!

We freeze ours in these containers.

Instant pot bone broth

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